Anglers' Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get my FREE Birthday Dinner coupon?

    • You need to subscribe to the Angler's Fishing Buddies E-Club, your Free Birthday Dinner coupon is a benefit of that membership
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  • I don't have access to email can I still get a free dinner?

    • Our FREE Birthday Dinner coupons are given to our Fishing Buddies E-Club members as a thank-you for allowing us to email them throughout the year, while we wont offer a free dinner to non members we are happy to give you one of our famous desserts for free.
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  • My first email says I was born in 2008, do I need to fix this?

    • No, we don't collect our customers' birth year. Our program completes your date of birth with 2008, so all of our customers appear to be born in 2008. While knowing our customers' age would be very useful, we feel as though it poses too much of a security risk sending out emails with your full date of birth contained inside.
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  • Can my family and I join the Fishing Buddies E-Club while sharing one email address?

    • No, each subscriber must have their own unique email address, free email addresses are available from services like and
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  • I signed up a few days ago and haven't received anything from you yet, is this normal?

    • No, immediately after you sign up a "Thank You" email is sent, 2 hours after that your first Fishing Buddies e-mail should arrive with a coupon for a FREE Fried Appetizer. If you do not receive this second email, one of two things have happened. One, either a spam blocker on your computer, or a spam blocker within your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has flagged/deleted the email. Two, the email address has been entered incorrectly and emails are being sent back to us. Please verify that you have added ' This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ' to your list of trusted senders, and contact us to request the email be resent.
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  • Anglers was closed on my birthday and I didn't get to use my coupon, can I use it another day?

    • Yes, coupons valid on only one day can be used up to two days after the day on the coupon (in the event we are closed on the 'Valid on:' date)
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  • I love the way you make a certain meal (or dessert) can I get the recipe?